Prince Tribute@Gage Lounge

Prince: Musical Trancendence_ TributeGage Lounge

Prince: Musical Trancendence_ TributeGage Lounge

The Artist, The Gift and The Music
Prince Tribute

Selected works by Maya Imani Watson

Currently on View at GAGE Lounge through June 30, 3016
“I continue to be inspired by Prince and the way in which he embraced his gifts. Prince would worship openly in concerts and throughout his music. He wanted to people to be inspired as well as enlightened. I offer these paintings in honor of our Purple Prince. I know God is getting one amazing concert.”

The artist, formally known as Prince, illuminated everything within the sound of his voice.  He met setbacks and challenges to his music with innovation, determination and creativity.  Prince evolved, becoming the most excellent version of himself.  He was a quiet humanitarian in that he supported, taught and encouraged others through the arts.  On June 7, 2016, Houston celebrated the artistic genius of Prince Rogers Nelson in grand fashion for his birthday.  In addition to a proclamation by the City of Houston, promoter Craig Alexander, curated live music, prince impersonators, body art, spoken word and live painting, filling Gage Lounge with an explosion of creativity.  The painting: The Artist, The Gift and The Music, was done during this evening of art in Prince’s honor. While Prince is known for making the color purple associated with a wave of musical genius, Watson employed an array of vibrant colors and bold brush strokes to capture the expansive nature of Prince’s music. Watson  distinctly remembers being at the YMCA in Connecticut as a child learning a dance to When Doves Cry. She feels that music is so powerful because it has the capacity to permeate our beings in such profound ways.  Music instantly connects us with times and the places in our lives. Watson appreciated Prince’s playfulness, and sense of humor.  She continues to believe in the transformative  power of art. The creativity power connects us to a higher power.  Patrons can stop by GAGE Lounge during the month of June to view the work.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will benefit,; an organization that exposes urban youth to contemporary technology. Patrons can unleash their creativity this summer by taking part in guided, adult painting classes. Join the artist, Maya Imani Watson for the Saturday Paint Party Social Series at GAGE Lounge. Call 832.535.2630 to register for June 25, 2016 Paint Party Social at Gage Lounge today.
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