Beauty For Ashes: Stronger Than Fire

Sifting through the remnants of my creative life, I am reminded that if there is still breath in my body then God can still move on my behalf. I am reminded that what is perceived as a loss is really God preparing the way for something new. He promises to give us beauty for these ashes. Literally. I asked God while I was still in Massachusetts to give me the strength to make my next steps come from a place of gratitude that my daughter and I were still alive. My parting words to her where about focusing on chasing her dreams and doing well in school. I told her we could get some more stuff. Being the historian of sorts in my family, I have often served as photographer and archivist. I have served as the holder of precious family heirlooms and keeper of family traditions. Our mother used to say we have the responsibility to create good memories for our children and those we love. I have been sifting through almost fifty years- a lifetime of memories and moments that mattered. I have screamed and cried letting go of more than I thought possible. I have trusted that God does not waste our pain and realized that He has a way of lifting the veil of the layers of life that keep us in bondage. For a while I was numb and had few words to articulate the depths of loss and pain from losing so much of my life's work due to the fire that destroyed our home. God reminded me through family and friends that life keeps marching forward. He reminds me often how much He loves us and is with us even when we are experiencing heartache and despair. In those moments He plants the seeds of peace that will love us to life. He will in fact give us beauty for ashes. We are stronger than we can imagine and born to rise into our crowns. (more)

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