The Denim Stroll

In my desire to boost morale and spark a wave of inspiration among my students and the BTW community I conceptualized The Denim Stroll. It stems from a poem I wrote that speaks to the legacy of African Americans in this country. I was deeply moved by Beyonce’s Black Parade and the manner in which she often draws a direct connection with African heritage. I thought to myself, how can we bring key African American figures in history forward in a relevant way? The Denim Stroll Celebrates the rich legacy and culture of African Americans throughout the diaspora.

Students have been researching African textiles and various African American historical figures to determine “ What excellence looks like.” Each outfit represents a key figure in history. Students are learning to create Concept Boards and learning about Upcycling. Drawing on the legacy of innovation and creativity, The Denim Stroll will culminate in a fashion show at the end of the year. Join us as we stroll through history and discover SUCCESS... The Washington Way!

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